Thursday, September 1, 2016

We're not all in this together

Ahh, the first day of school. For some it's a celebration of the return of routine, friends, and extra curricular activities missed over the summer.  For others, the return of school is like a sentence to the guillotine because their life is about to be abruptly ended by the horrors of homework, overwhelming teachers, and the dreaded constant school socialization. Personally, I have come to loathe and love the return of a new school year.  I am glad to return to a routine that I am familiar and comfortable with, but loathe the new school subjects and the work itself. That's why today I am going to create a small guide to help you survive this school year.

1. Make Friends

Hate to break it to you, but high school is nothing like High School Musical (I mean, unless you're in the drama club).  No matter how much you (or your teachers) want to believe it, you are not all in this together. Sure, you might have school spirit, but not everyone is going to love school as much as you, unless you're a Wildcat.

I believe that making friends is a really good way to have a positive attitude about coming to school. It's always easier to make it through the day when you have someone or something to look forward to.

The idea of making friends is a daunting one that scares teens and adults alike.  The fear of rejection is strong with everyone, like The Force.  A way that I get over that fear of rejection is just to bite the bullet.  If I have a question for someone, or just want to compliment them, I'll just do it.  I guarantee that the person will be just as glad that you asked them and started a conversation with them instead of not saying anything.  And you will feel a lot better that you just did it. Take a leap of faith, but be a little cautious about how many leaps you're taking. 

2. Notes, Notes, Notes

I cannot stress this enough: take notes.  What helps me through all of my classes is taking notes, upon notes, upon notes. It's better to have lots of notes instead of only a few when it comes test and finals time.  When taking notes, listen to key phrases that your teacher says such as:

  • This will be on the test
  • This is important
  • Make sure to take notes on...
It's sometimes the simple things that are missed. When the teacher switches topics, start a new line, paragraph, semicolon, etc. It will help you distinguish your notes from one another and keeps your notebook looking organized and clean. For some people, drawing pictures or graphs helps with studying and memorizing. For others, making little rhymes or finding things that associate with whatever notes you have help with remembering the important piece of information when comes test time.

3. Cute School Supplies

Okay guys trust me on this; having cute notebooks, pencils, binders, etc. can do wonders to improve your day.  Even if you have a plain-jane notebook, you can decorate it with stickers and photos. Pinterest, Tumblr, I Heart It, and Youtube have many ideas and tutorials on how to create cute school supplies. It's a pick-me-up throughout the day to see something that's eye-pleasing that can lift your mood. 

4. Sleep

Now I know that this is a very hard thing to do, but making sure that you are getting enough sleep plays an important role in your academic learning. If you have to wake up early in the morning, set a time to stop doing your homework and go to bed. It is important to be well rested for the next day.

If you do have to wake up extra early, drink water before grabbing the coffee first. I find that I feel better throughout the day by starting my day off with cold water instead of coffee. Coffee tends to make me feel tired and sluggish throughout the rest of the day (ik weird right), so I stick to water first, coffee second. Like taking a cold shower and wrapping myself in a warm sweater.

5. Music

So basically, I cannot survive without music. I listen to it whenever I can. I find it easier for me to get those creative juices flowing for my writing classes and when I have to write essays or papers. For Math and Science classes, I tend to listen to movie scores or other songs that don't have lyrics because I tend to get distracted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  A great artist I LOVE to listen to is Adam Young, who is also known as Owl City.  He has released eight musical scores, each based on an important part of history. My favorite scores are Apollo 11 and RMS Titanic. You can also each score for free, and I mean, c'mon what's better than free?

So that's it for today! If you have any more ideas on how to survive school, leave them in the comments below. I'll also leave the link to Adam Young if you want to check him out.

Until next time, don't forget to keep being strange.

Over and out,
The Strange Comet

Adam Young Scores:

Monday, August 29, 2016

First Blog Post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's some math to start your school year off with:

1 teenage girl with a love for writing + 1 failed youtube channel + 16 years of world experience = __________

Stuck? The answer is a blog.  A simple one, in fact, that may or may not die within a few weeks of neglection from a teenage girl.  A blog that combines a sixteen year old's passion for writing and her experiences of the world all in one messy, but maybe aesthetically-pleasing, blog for the world to see.

or maybe just her seven friends she found on the internet.

Either way, she was going to try. Despite the odds, gosh dang it, she was going to try.

So this blog will be an extra large Chipotle hot mess of how to survive life (guacamole is extra, let's be real here). Kind of like a Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (does anyone actually remember that show....??)

Most people would think I'm not qualified at all to give advice on how to 'survive the world', much less blog about it, but my view on it is that we all have different experiences that changed us for better or for worse. I'm just choosing to share mine and maybe, it will help someone the way it helped me.

The world is a big bright beautiful place; its beauty stretching as far as the cosmos themselves and even past them. It's hard to think of yourself as anything important when there's all that space (space, get it? cause the cosmos and...I'll show myself out) But to the best of my ability, I'm going to try and survive it all; the world, the comets and asteroids that pass us, and the cosmos. Whatever life my throw at me, I'm going to try and be ready.  You in?

Over and out,
The Strange Comet